10 Social Media content ideas for Restaurants!

10 Social Media content ideas for Restaurants
Today, restaurants are multiplied everywhere in the streets that unless you have a novel cuisine or a star chef, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. So, it is necessary to adopt successful strategies to beat the existing competitors.
Adding Social media to your restaurant marketing can help you get more patrons walking through the door. It is the best way to increase awareness about your restaurant and to generate engagement with your food. Here are a few tactics to help you drive more customers to your restaurant.

1) Start a blog on your restaurant’s website
You can easily attract more people to your business easier with a blog page. Adding blog promote your food and build reputation among your competitors.

2) Film small videos of your food making
Take videos and teach audience how you do cooking at your restaurant and post it on YouTube. It is a way to inspire viewers and get more shares and engagement on social media.

3) Post your special menu and pin it!
Your killer image with simple description and hashtags can go viral on Pinterest. So pin all your special menus with drool-inducing photos. Visual content hold high demand online!

4) Tweet, Tweet, Tweet
Twitter is a micro-blogging site where you can tweet short messages on daily meals, last minute menu, fun facts, including links to your website.

5) Share and promote on Instagram
Treat Instagram as your best place to share your restaurant’s photos with trending hash tags. You can also upload live videos using ‘insta-camera’, while increasing engagement.

10 Social Media content ideas for Restaurants!

6) Share recipes and its pairing
Write periodic blogs on recipes and pairings that work with your food. People would love to grab it from your restaurant if they are impressed on images and videos.

7) Employee Appreciation
Upload a photo of your staff who is working with your menu items. Post them an appreciation description to your restaurant Instagram feed.

8) Exclusive offers and group deals
Promote your establishment through discounts, coupons and make it a group deal. You can have viral campaign on your hands. Also, run group offer by tweeting a free appetizer at your restaurant, it will drive people into your eatery.

9) News jacking
News jacking for restaurants can help you build your story off the current events. Public excitement grows with news jacking, driving traffic to your website.

10) Talk about your brand on video
Tell your audience about your experience and what prompted you to start this business. Also add how your restaurant and menus stand out from the crowd and all about its specialities.

So what are you going to do about this?
There are number of ways to put our creative ideas into motion. With the above concrete ideas, do marketing with lots of fun and your restaurant truly would stand out from a search. You can contact us if you are looking for efficient social media content marketing team for your business!