5 ways how Google Maps “Popular Times” can help your local business?

Through Google Maps ‘Popular Times’ feature, Google provides details of your business such as busy or idle working hours on a concurrent real-time scenario. The user can also browse over approximate time for visiting your shop depending upon the busy times during a week or so. Now, available in all android, iOS and web versions this feature is a mint for conversions and sales increase for your local retailing stores and other businesses.

1.      Statistical data assorts business times conveniently

The businesses benefit by way of sorting data where people want to avoid long queues and save time for doing shopping or buying coffee they can look into ‘popular times’ feature and plan accordingly. By this feature, how busy a shop is on particular days of the week? and how busy it is for number of hours can be observed.

2.      Better understanding of traffic patterns

The bar chart gives business owners a better understanding of their traffic patterns and hours of active businesses. The advantage is both the customer and the business owner has a transparent information available to view from Google Maps ‘Popular Times’ feature. Not all businesses have a software tool of their own to display such information but this additional information about stores could be pivotal to their business growth.

3.      Adjust staff timings and shifts

Owners can adjust days and times of staff working according to the customer’s demands resulting in improvement of sales and satisfactory customer experience. Introducing discounts and promotional offers could also be maneuvered.

4.     Regulate business hours

When some customers would want to avoid busy business hours, the inbound customers could be spread throughout the day by the local business owners.

5.      Live information helps in decision making

On a mass hovering of people on a festival day, real-time information on which place to go, where it is little busy or more busy decides the location to be spent.


Google’s Popular Times is based on people’s total web searches and data used by people on GPS and mobile devices. The customers are going to throng places where they prefer and that is not going to change though they would change their schedules. Regulating business hours based on this data means the owners can bring customers’ traffic even during idle hours. Mediocre businesses which do not provide quality service or value may suffer.