6 ways to enhance your Google Plus Business Page


Are you new to Google Plus? Got no followers and wondering how you could do it? Here is a quick insight. Google Plus has more than one billion registered and 359 million active users, and for the past couple of years, Google Plus has been shown to dramatically improve search engine rankings, which, in itself, is a great reason to join the platform. So, if you a small or medium business and haven’t established yourself on Google Plus, think again! By embarking on this platform, your business can gain maximized online exposure.

Here are a few tips that could help you manage your Google Plus page efficiently.

Post Valuable Content:

Post valuable content

Your Google Plus is as good as your blog. It is essential that you post valuable content on your page. Posts that may be directly or indirectly related to your business. It is important that you post content on a regular basis. People are always interested to know more; keeping that in mind, provide your audience with content that is exclusive and interesting. You can post plain text, add a link, post a video, a picture or create an event. This is a great way to enhance your Google Plus page.

Join relevant communities and groups:

Join communities

The best way to enhance your business page is to join relevant groups and communities. For instance, if you are a Real Estate business operating in Los Angeles, you can search with the keywords ‘Real Estate’ or ‘Real Estate in Los Angeles’ and find communities to join. It doesn’t stop just there. Make sure you post valuable and engaging content on these communities on a regular basis so as to let people recognize your business and interact with one another, thereby resulting in them following your business page.

Don’t be a post-producing factory:

Don’t be a post-producing factory

Although posting content on a regular basis is enough to keep your business going, apart from posting links, images and other information, it is also essential to interact with other fellow mates in communities that you may have joined. Sharing your opinion on certain topics and trends can help others be familiar with your business name. Take some time to go through other’s posts and comment on them to share what you think regarding the topic and also make sure you take part in relevant discussions.

Use hashtags:


Often, people tend to forget the usage of hashtags on Google Plus. Just like how they work for Twitter and Facebook, hashtags serve as a great deal in Google Plus. People often search content by words or short phrases. Including important words and phrases related to your business could help people come across your post and business on a regular basis.

Add relevant people to your circles:

add to circle

One of the best ways one can gain followers on Google Plus is to add relevant people and businesses to your circles. For instance if your business page is a restaurant, try finding people with interests related to food, food bloggers, other restaurants and add them to your circles. This will help you connect with people who have similar interests and your posts could serve better to them. This will result in most of them adding you back to their circles as well.

Promote through social media platforms:


If you are just entering into Google Plus, there is a high possibility that you have a presence on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. One thing you could do is, ask your audience in other platforms to visit your new Google Plus page and follow it for interesting updates and posts. Probably one post a week could also help your page gain views and followers. Also you could use your social media platform’s links as signature in your emails.