Twitter Announced Application Process for Verified Accounts!

Twitter Verified Account

If you are a twitter user, you can now request your account to be verified and get a blue verified badge. This proves that an account of public interest is authentic. Twitter has announced this online application process on Tuesday … Read more

How to run a successful app install campaign on Twitter?

app install campaign on Twitter

Wondering how to promote your mobile app? App install campaign or app engagement campaign can help you. Mobile apps are becoming huge in history with increase in revenue. There are over two million mobile apps across the world for you … Read more

6 Niche Social Media Platforms You Just Might Need

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What are niche social media platforms?  How does it help your business? Niche social media platforms are target-oriented smaller versions of the major social media websites. These niche platforms help audiences to find their particular interest or industry.… Read more

Twitter’s New Moments – An Overview

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Did you find something new on your twitter account? Want to know about the best news on twitter? Twitter’s new ‘Moments’ can help you. It is a new feature which lets users to follow the best live news events on … Read more

New types of Facebook Ads – 2016

What are Facebook adverts? Most of us have noticed Facebook adverts, these are basically used to get more reach for your business. You can get more visitors for your site, more customers to shop from your store, like your page … Read more

Social and SEO, is there a link?

We all know what social media and SEO is interlinked. But wondering how they can be linked? Social media and SEO are interlinked which is used to boost your search rankings. You can find a significant impact on your search … Read more

Three people who became famous because of Twitter

Be it good or bad, twitter has become one of the best platforms for people to gain popularity. But the question is why should you follow twitter? Why has it become an important social media platform?… Read more

Introducing the new Google Plus

Are you an active Google Plus user? Have you got the new Google Plus update yet? With larger images and better appearance, this could probably be the platforms next big thing. It is a great social media platform to keep … Read more