Why your brand needs a mobile app?

Whether you own a small business or an enterprise, the time is right to adopt the mobile platform. The user base is growing by the minute and it gives you the chance to tap into a whole new market. Although responsive and mobile optimized websites are good, developing a native app will be the best you could do for your business.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are some reasons as to why.

Location Tracking
Both, Android and iOS platforms let you access the location, with the user’s consent. Everything from taxi services to retailers can use it to reach and engage with their customers. It also allows you to target a highly specific user base. For example, you can offer special discounts to people who check-in to an area.

Again, pushing notifications helps you reach a very specific user base. Unlike bulk emails and SMS that often end up as spam, app notifications are a sure shot way reach your customers. You can also keep them informed about service statuses and requests.

Though mobile browsers are considered safe, we’ve seen instances where they’ve been compromised. Native apps, on the other hand, are far safer and a lot more secure. With privacy-conscious customers on the rise,

The Play Store, along with App Store, have millions of active users. All you have to do to tap into this market is build an app for your brand and make it available in the marketplace. Users can easily view and install your apps on their devices, giving your brand a whole other level of visibility.

Competitive Advantage
Developing apps for your brand gives you a leading edge over your competition. It also gives you an advantage in terms of search engine rankings, which can directly contribute to your marketing efforts.

We hope we’ve convinced you to take your brand into the world of mobile apps. If you have an idea that you’d like to implement, get in touch with us. We’ll have our app development experts get back to you.