How to turn your email newsletter into a Facebook or an Instagram ad

Newsletters have been the go to medium of marketers for long. Campaigns printed and posted newsletters to anyone whose addresses could be got hold of. As decades rolled, print took the form of email and a company’s subscription list became Read more

Facebook to rank fast loading websites higher

According to Facebook’s recent estimates, close to 40 percent internet users abandon websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. Taking this into account, the company has announced that it would be placing fast loading websites higher up in Read more

How to setup Facebook Messenger Ads

Few weeks back, Facebook rolled out an update that allowed ads to be placed on its Messenger. Given that these ads are displayed on the Messenger app’s home tab, it’s a guaranteed way for businesses to reach the user Read more

Facebook’s Latest Update – Messenger Platform 2.1

The social media giant, Facebook, has rolled out an update to the Messenger Platform that got a major overhaul early this year. With the introduction of natural language and payment processing tools, the update aims to augment the Messenger experience Read more


The page insights play a vital role in Facebook campaigns as people have started to interact in new ways. When people use new ways, marketers need more information on their online presence. Facebook has come up with new insight metricsRead more

Facebook New Tools for Group Admins


Facebook has nearly 2 billion users and more than 1 billion people use Groups and more that 100 million people are members. In an attempt to turn Facebook into a place where people hang out together, a lot, Zuckerberg … Read more

6 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Your Small Business

6 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Your Small Business

Social media has become one of the best ways to build brand awareness and drive new traffic to your website. With the help of social media, you can easily build your online presence and engage your audience.… Read more

Social Media – The new word-of-mouth marketing

social media mouth marketing

Does the customers’ tapping on mobile phones at your workplace annoy you? Well it shouldn’t!  They can be your best word-of-mouth marketers. Social media has helped word-of-mouth become as powerful as ever with the emergence of internet and the mass … Read more

3 Targeting Options on Facebook Ads you didn’t know about

Deciding on how to advertise your business online can be daunting task. With Google Adwords many businesses neglect to consider the value of other advertising channels that offers prominent, effective and profitable search ad campaigns.… Read more

Facebook’s Super Simple Lead Ads: Capture a Lead with just 2 taps

Every business looks to build an email list. But it’s usually a real pain for visitors to fill forms to join a list. Which is sad, because forms are pretty awesome tools for gathering information.… Read more