How to setup Facebook Messenger Ads

Few weeks back, Facebook rolled out an update that allowed ads to be placed on its Messenger. Given that these ads are displayed on the Messenger app’s home tab, it’s a guaranteed way for businesses to reach the user Read more


The page insights play a vital role in Facebook campaigns as people have started to interact in new ways. When people use new ways, marketers need more information on their online presence. Facebook has come up with new insight metricsRead more

Facebook New Tools for Group Admins


Facebook has nearly 2 billion users and more than 1 billion people use Groups and more that 100 million people are members. In an attempt to turn Facebook into a place where people hang out together, a lot, Zuckerberg … Read more

10 Social Media content ideas for Restaurants!

10 Social Media content ideas for Restaurants
Today, restaurants are multiplied everywhere in the streets that unless you have a novel cuisine or a star chef, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. So, it is necessary to adopt successful strategies to beat the existing … Read more

How to avoid Facebook Group notifications

Let us admit it! Every time we enter Facebook there is a notification that may seem insignificant to you. None other than groups are constantly making it to your notifications. Irrespective of whether it is a friend who has posted … Read more