Mobile centric SEO and the factors affecting it

According to a popular estimate, the mobile browser share grew by a whooping 400% over the last four years and the average mobile data consumption has seen an 84% increase in the last one year. All these point to a … Read more

10 Social Media content ideas for Restaurants!

10 Social Media content ideas for Restaurants
Today, restaurants are multiplied everywhere in the streets that unless you have a novel cuisine or a star chef, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. So, it is necessary to adopt successful strategies to beat the existing … Read more

6 Niche Social Media Platforms You Just Might Need

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What are niche social media platforms?  How does it help your business? Niche social media platforms are target-oriented smaller versions of the major social media websites. These niche platforms help audiences to find their particular interest or industry.… Read more

Social and SEO, is there a link?

We all know what social media and SEO is interlinked. But wondering how they can be linked? Social media and SEO are interlinked which is used to boost your search rankings. You can find a significant impact on your search … Read more