The page insights play a vital role in Facebook campaigns as people have started to interact in new ways. When people use new ways, marketers need more information on their online presence. Facebook has come up with new insight metrics that provide more transparency and understanding for businesses.

The businesses are tend to loose their customers due to slow loading mobile sites or bad connections. To overcome this Facebook is rolling out a new metric called landing page views. This metric will help businesses to review number of visitors land to their website by clicking the ad. Businesses will understand mobile and web experience of their customers and can optimize their landing page to drive more traffic through ads.

Facebook will be introducing three new reporting metrics for businesses to understand how their customers like to interact with them. Once the metric is rolled out you can see it in the “overview” tab of Page Insights on desktop. This metric will include Page Followers, Page Previews and Recommendations.

As we discussed in our previous blog about Facebook Groups getting new features rolled out, now it is time for Facebook Page  owners to celebrate this new metrics rolled out. Stay tuned with us for more information on social media latest trends.