Facebook’s Latest Update – Messenger Platform 2.1

The social media giant, Facebook, has rolled out an update to the Messenger Platform that got a major overhaul early this year. With the introduction of natural language and payment processing tools, the update aims to augment the Messenger experience that businesses offer.

One of the biggest features that the update boasts is its built-in natural language processing capability. Rather than triggering responses through keywords, Messenger bots can now understand phrases in context and answer accordingly. This language processing ability, along with the ‘handover protocol’, allows businesses to offer a seamless experience. Questions that cannot be answered by the bot are automatically transferred to a live agent.

On the payment front, Messenger Platform 2.1’s SDK has undergone a complete makeover and aims to make payment processing easier than ever before. Though payments over the Messenger Platform have matured to public beta stages, it is available only in the U.S. Once, the feature is rolled out globally, customers can directly purchase and pay through the Messenger webview and have their payments processed in a single step.

On the Pages side, businesses can now customize their Messenger button from the existing ‘Send Message’ to more explicit call to action phrases like ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Request Support’. With Messenger Platform features being constantly rolled out, businesses sure have a reason to rejoice.

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  • Stella Hawker

    My Video chat on messenger is not loading properly i have tried everything