How to turn your email newsletter into a Facebook or an Instagram ad

Newsletters have been the go to medium of marketers for long. Campaigns printed and posted newsletters to anyone whose addresses could be got hold of. As decades rolled, print took the form of email and a company’s subscription list became its most prized possession. Things haven’t changed much lately, email newsletters are still in wide use, often at the center of most marketing campaigns, and businesses still bend over backwards to expand their subscription list. But, the subscription list has found itself a holistic new role in marketing. Thanks to Facebook’s Custom Audience, it is now possible to target the contact list. Let’s look into it in a bit more detail here.

When Facebook that it would allow advertisers to target demographics of their choice, it was hailed by pundits and critics alike and considered social media marketing couldn’t get any better. Just then, the company went on to offer an additional feature to Custom Audience, where one could push ads to a very narrow group, defined by a contact list, or to be specific, a CSV file.

To begin, login to Facebook and select ‘Audience‘ and click ‘Custom Audience’. A popup will appear as shown below.

Select ‘Customer File’ to proceed.

Select  ‘Add customers from your own file or copy and paste data’

Click ‘Upload File’ and select the CSV or TXT file. If you have trouble with this, you can download the template and match the syntax.

Once you upload the CSV/TXT file, you can preview and map your identifiers. For the most part, the email address and phone number will do, but then the choice is yours.

Once uploaded, wait for Facebook to verify and when the status reads ‘Ready’, you can go ahead and create an ad to place it on Facebook and Instagram.

When you create the ad, make sure that you include your call-for-action from your newsletter as a button and you’re good to go.

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