How to use Twitter’s new polls feature to improve engagement?

Twitter recently launched a new functionality, allowing users to create polls within its mobile app or desktop. Tweeple can click on one of two options to see results of the polls. This new feature introduced by twitter is one of the easiest ways to gather opinions from audience.

Twitter Polls

Source: Twitter

How to get started with Twitter polls?
Creating Polls is as easy as creating a Tweet. You can create polls by

  1. Clicking into the compose box
  2. Clicking poll icon
  3. Typing in your poll question
  4. Adding 2 choices to poll and
  5. Clicking tweet


Twitter Polls Limitations:

  • Only 2 poll choices
  • Poll question character limit: 117 characters
  • Poll choices character limit: 20 characters
  • A lifespan of 24 hours
  • Photos cannot be included
  • Schedule option is not available

Twitter also gives tweeters the information on how long is left to vote, results in percentage and how many people have voted. The results will update for all to see once the poll has ended.

How to Boost engagement with Twitter polls?

The new polls feature is one among the best method to boost engagement. It is a new way to engage with massive audience and understand their way of thinking. Asking questions to audience can boost your brand engagement, and these polls provide an easy way for your brand to do that.

Here are some of the ideas for which you could use polls effectively for engagement:

  • Ask simple questions that measures general interest of audience
  • Let your followers to vote on content
  • Ask them for prediction of winners
  • Decide on generic corporate internal affairs, up to an extent
  • Ask about your audiences’ participation in your events like seminar, webinar, etc.
  • Have some fun questions
  • Request your followers for product feedback
  • Reactions on real-time events
  • Ask opinions for new stories
  • Ask for feedback on your content
  • Market research polls on audience usage

Though the ideas to conduct a poll are boundless; here are a few starters to try test it.

Bottomline: You need to have a strong follower’s base to drive engagement from Polls.

Click here to know more about Twitter Polls.

It is certain that Twitter will try with more new features/experiments in the coming days.

Are you going to effectively use Polls feature for your business? Try with your own ideas and let us know the results. Share your thoughts with us on the comments below.