How does ‘influencer marketing’ plays a vital role now?

‘Influencer marketing’ is an elusive phrase that’s now lurks the murky waters of social media. Businesses have their own take on what an influencer means and could even change from one campaign to another. Here’s an overview of ‘influencer marketing’ and its role in your business promotion efforts.

From a tentacle to another, we all know how information hops through the maze we call ‘social media’. It’s meant to be that way and there’s nothing wrong with it, but imagine controlling, or rather predicting the way it engages – this is where ‘influencer marketing’ comes in. The key here is to find the right influencer for your business, and by that we don’t mean someone who’d improve mere awareness and visibility, but someone who’d drive followers to take actions.

It’s an innate human nature to trust someone whom we can relate to. And no matter how extravagant your business or brand rhetoric is, it’s not going to have the same impact as a third-party opinion. Moreover, an influencer brings along a whole new network to the table and when done right, has the potential to not just reinstate your social media presence, but out right sell your product or brand.

As a business, you don’t have to go out of your way and sign up top tier models. In fact, a lot of brands have done just the opposite – inviting their customer base to represent them. Fashion houses for example have seen tremendous success by letting users send in their pictures for advertisement campaigns. Then again, it’s the context that matters, because a dancer with a million followers can’t help a company sell its software to the fan base.

Again, it’s the context. Once you’ve got the target niche zeroed, a little research is often all it takes to find your influencer. The blogosphere is enormous and caters every genre imaginable. You could also use online tools like Social Mention to look for mentions of your brand on social media and look for top content creators on each platform.

The next obvious step is to create new content with the help of your influencer. It’s all about sharing the content and the marketing strategies you adopt from here on.

Social media is by in itself a fairly new, the concept of influencers on it is doubly so. To wrap it up, there aren’t any hard and fast rules and pretty much boils down to your business kind and the whom you’d want to reach out to. To learn more about influencer and social media marketing, visit our blog.