Instagram’s Newest Feature – Go Live With a Friend

If you are the kind of person who cannot stand in front of a camera without someone by your side, well, Instagram has news for you. The company has announced that it is rolling out a new feature where you can tag a friend along while broadcast live to friends and family.

Introduced last November, live broadcast has been well received and according to the company’s estimate, more than a million users have used it. With the new feature though, you can tap ‘Add’ at the bottom of the screen and select a friend to add them to your broadcast. Once added, the app stacks both the feeds and broadcasts the stream live in a split screen format. There’s more to it, apart from your friends and followers, Instagram allows you to add anyone who is viewing the live stream to your broadcast.

Just like the live broadcast, viewers can still comment and like your joint feed. Similarly, you also have the choice of posting your live broadcast session on Instagram or you could simply select ‘Discard’ to erase. Since the feature is under its testing phase, it’s only been rolled out to a very small percentage of its user base. So a global roll out can be expected sometime over the next couple of months.

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