Social Media – The new word-of-mouth marketing

social media mouth marketing

Does the customers’ tapping on mobile phones at your workplace annoy you? Well it shouldn’t!  They can be your best word-of-mouth marketers. Social media has helped word-of-mouth become as powerful as ever with the emergence of internet and the mass adoption of smartphones. Mobile Check-in’s on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are having phenomenal growth. It has become a platform for people to tell the whole world about their likes and dislikes. You can take advantage of this best Free word-of-mouth marketing engine to spread your brand name.

Word-of-mouth marketing is actually the oldest but the most effective marketing tool. It can better be explained as a chain reaction of good vibes for your company. Most people are more likely to purchase a new product knowing about it from friends or family. When a person comments positively about your brand via social media platforms, it serves as instant and free brand referral for that person’s entire network. Executing and creating the “buzz” is the tricky part that drives word-of-mouth marketing.


It allows your consumer to communicate with greater number of people through many ways. It gives you an opportunity to share your thoughts by just one click. Social media is now used in business as the major marketing tool. Each year, it delivers improved return on marketing investment. The most beneficial factor is the tracking ability of social media to measure effectiveness immediately at the consumer level. It is an exciting tool to make your content “go viral”. The important factor for success in word–of–mouth marketing is the sharable content that you create. The viral nature of the internet and social media can easily spread around your business.

To achieve more potential of social media, marketers should understand how it works. All you need is to take a little effort to satisfy your customers. Happy customers will share their happy experiences with their family and friends.

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