IoT – The Internet of Things – A primer

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From the familiar shores of the world wide web, we witness a new dawn – the dawn of the Internet of Things or IoT, in short. The concept, however simple, stems off the idea that … Read more

How does ‘influencer marketing’ plays a vital role now?

‘Influencer marketing’ is an elusive phrase that’s now lurks the murky waters of social media. Businesses have their own take on what an influencer means and could even change from one campaign to another. Here’s an overview of ‘influencer Read more

Facebook to rank fast loading websites higher

According to Facebook’s recent estimates, close to 40 percent internet users abandon websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. Taking this into account, the company has announced that it would be placing fast loading websites higher up in Read more

6 Niche Social Media Platforms You Just Might Need

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What are niche social media platforms?  How does it help your business? Niche social media platforms are target-oriented smaller versions of the major social media websites. These niche platforms help audiences to find their particular interest or industry.… Read more

3 Awesome Upgrades to Google That You Need To Know

We all know that Google has many features that take it beyond being a simple search engine. For instance, I’m sure you’re already aware that you can use Google as a calculator; as a converter for weight/temperature/currency; as a translator; … Read more

7 Tips to be successful with your crowdfunding campaign

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5 Gmail features you didn’t know

Gmail is one of the world’s largest and most popularly used webmail services and there is a high possibility that you are using it too. But are you making the most of its features? Probably not. There are quite a … Read more