Three people who became famous because of Twitter

Be it good or bad, twitter has become one of the best platforms for people to gain popularity. But the question is why should you follow twitter? Why has it become an important social media platform? Well, for starters, it is a platform which never lets you know exactly who is reading your tweets. You can share something out there that can be read by pretty much anyone in the world.

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Want to know about some people who got famous through twitter? Some users live tweet significant moment and some use their talent or sense of humor to create followings. Here are some twitter users who unexpectedly scored fame by tweeting.

David Willis

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DavidWillis (@DWill_) was found himself locked in a bookshop overnight. This happened when Willis was on a holiday in London. He was in the Trafalgar Square branch of Waterstones near closing time and was stuck inside as the staff didn’t realize he was there. It was a terrifying situation but Willis rather being panic or calling police, turned on his internet. He posted a photo of shop’s shuttered doors to instagram and then twitter. He tweeted saying he had been trapped in the shop for two hours without rescue, and that tweet went viral on the platform making way to other platforms as well. Finally, Willis was set free in the midnight, by then his tweet had been retweeted several thousand times.

Paul Chambers

Paul Chambers (@pauljchambers)  was booked on a flight to Belfast to visit his girlfriend. But several flights out of the Robin Hood Airport were cancelled due to wintery weather. Chambers was worried that his own flight would end up getting cancelled and tweeted a frustrated joke. His tweet was spotted by an airport employee and he was arrested by the police. Officers deleted the tweet thinking that was a credible threat. Chambers was prosecuted and forced to pay a fine of £1000, and he even lost his job. This went viral in twitter as Chamber was charged with a criminal offence and thousands of users retweeted Chamber. Finally the court put down the conviction and he became a celebrity on the making.

Mike Allison
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This is among the funniest example that attracted twitter’s attention. Mike Allison (@mikeallison67) accidentally fell asleep in the back of a taxi and woke up when the taxi stopped at the driver’s house. He was asleep for three hours. The driver was sociable and he invited Allison home for a cup of tea. Allison tweeted a photo of his drive and that went took over Twitter like wild fire. His tweet was retweeted 26,000 times. This tweet made him popular and he gained some new followers too. The very next day several newspapers ran with the same story and he had to struggle to deal out of it.

So that is pretty much what one tweet could do to you and your life. Wondering how to set up your new twitter account and gain popularity or create a brand image on the platform? Contact us and we will introduce you to this social media platform.