Twitter’s New Moments – An Overview

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Did you find something new on your twitter account? Want to know about the best news on twitter? Twitter’s new ‘Moments’ can help you. It is a new feature which lets users to follow the best live news events on the social network. You can find a new icon, lightning bolt which is called as ‘Moments’. It is easy to know about different stories of the day, browse topics like sports and entertainment and read more stories with this new feature.

Twitter has been thinking for months to launch this new feature that will help them to get more users. Moments have become the best to showcase live stories with either images or videos. Users can follow events and interact over the platform in real-time. This feature helps people to find good content on twitter.

How to use Twitter Moments?

  • This feature is present on the top of twitter page; if you click on this lightning bolt tab it will direct you to the moments from that day.
  • You can select your choice from the menu which includes an array of genres as options such as News, Sports, Entertainment and Fun.
  • You can view the moment which you like to know more about and also look at the entire collection of tweets.
  • You can also view the tweet in detail, retweet, reply and like the tweet.
  • Moments can be used in mobile devices (android and iPhone) and desktop web.

How to follow a moment?

Click on the follow button in a moment. All the related tweets will appear once you follow it. You will stop seeing the tweets in your twitter home timeline when the moment is complete. Moments get updated frequently with new information, events and tweets. Twitter can be shared anywhere just as regular tweets.

Currently twitter has a curation team and also it is teaming up with media partners like Fox News, Buzz Feed and a lot more. This feature is currently available in only a few countries and will be shortly introduced in more. Twitter hopes that ‘Moments’ can help boost their user growth to an extent.